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You're doing everything RIGHT with your newsletters, videos and blogs, you've ABANDONED all the LOW RETURN unfocused funnels, ads, keywords, blogs and sites, for SIMPLE, niche by niche, COLD EMAIL FUNNELS with numerous NICHE driven, call to action, viral squeeze funnels that offer REAL VALUE to not only your, but your CUSTOMER'S bottom line!

Here is the missing ingredient in many VIRAL SQUEEZE FUNNELS: FREE EBOOKS, Awesome COURSES, perfect sample content without giving it all away and HIGH CUSTOMER VALUE white papers that will turbocharge your email, post, blog, website and niche funnel engagements and responses! Hyper Relevant and helpful CONTENT PREVENTS the charge of spam in viral yet avatar specific emails and posts, because your recipients will be absolutely GRATEFUL and RIVETED to your email, course and ebook when they read them, craving the next installment!

Tommy WILL GHOST OR COAUTHOR THEM FOR YOU as your viral assistant, with razor sharp relevance for each conversion funnel pathYour prospects will be so engaged by Tommy's page-turner style, they won't be able to put it down, and your funnel will be of EXTREME value to your most cherished customers. Your VIDEOS and VIDEO Scripts, webinars, podcasts etc. will follow the SAME, FLAWLESS, added value formula with courses, vlogs, blogs and regular guest posts!

(Breaking News Viral Example: Looking for a SINGLE, TURNKEY solution for VIRAL content, from blog to memberships to ecommerce to video hosting, and replacing them ALL, at a single, fraction of the cost? Visit PODIA today! Tommy has FLIPPED non performing FUNNELS in a single weekend, at very low cost, into VIRAL conversions, by simply feeding a single Pinterest plan through Podia for individual and stay-at-home-mom bloggers!)


-- Tommy IS YOUR VA, at Viral!--

Welcome to Tommy Halstead's services ("The Viral Professor") and Tommy PIONEERED the VIRAL ASSISTANT concept (you've heard of an inexpensive but VERY NECESSARY VA-- virtual assistant, let Tommy be your VIRAL ASSISTANT-- REVERSING your CONVERSION funnel from a weak filter to a powerful MEGAPHONE, virally turning your ROI funnel upside down to FEED your other funnels with viral results for a small investment, INSTEAD of small results for a viral investment!).

FREELANCE WRITING, EDITING, VIRAL FUNNEL MARKETING, DIGITAL STRATEGY CONSULTING AND CONTENT DEVELOPMENT, Specializing in helping MEMBERSHIP and SUBSCRIPTION based organizations and entrepreneurs GO VIRAL and RETAIN subscribers, from individual bloggers and internet companies to SaaS providers and NonProfits. 

(Low, LOW PRICING? LAST LINK ON THE MENU ABOVE, OR VERY BOTTOM OF THIS PAGE, or inexpensive FIVERR gig links are available by email).

From VIRAL WRITING and Digital Strategy to VIRAL Content Execution and Optimization for SUBSCRIPTION and MEMBERSHIP based Entrepreneurs and Organizations (Tommy has his MBA and deep expertise in viral SaaS, subscription, launch and membership programs and projects -- aka "The Viral Professor", visit YOUR glory wall BRIEFLY below ;=)...

Tommy offers FREELANCE Digital Strategy consulting and Content writing, editing and production for all your digital content, including: 

Stories, Monthly Newsletters and Daily Blog posts, DBMS, posts, videos, animations, logos, GIFs, memes, technical and training blogs and articles, ebooks, Big Data, trade shows and exhibits, meetings and presentations, podcasts, webinars, education, training materials, and much more. He'll work as an ongoing team member or a fill-in when you're busy -- think of Tommy as your TECHNICAL VA-- only a VIRAL rather than VIRTUAL Assistant!

A SaaS coder for years, Tommy GETS the essence of SUBSCRIPTION and MEMBERSHIP based viral growth. Why create a traditional FUNNEL with small results from a huge investment when you can have a REVERSE FUNNEL with HUGE results from a small investment?

Are you leveraging your digital content with niche reverse funnels and Cross-Media Content Development and sharing, WHICH GUARANTEE VIRAL ENGAGEMENT? Tommy's Viral Assistance assets and services BOTH save money and optimize your funnels! Tommy works both turnkey and by project, completely managing ongoing placements and posts on a regular schedule, or an assignment at a time.

Most of his client-friends are single bloggers, individuals and small organizations, but he also works for huge SaaS and enterprise strategy teams, both on the IT/Big Data and the Marketing sides of Digital Content Strategy and consistent, Viral Execution, Funnels and Retention.

Tommy pioneered ContentCloning, the Viral Assistance concept, Portfolio Funnels and Linkicle Posts that cross-multiply content, SEO niches, media, venues, avatars, funnels and channels! Our motto: VIRAL EFFECTIVENESS AT HALF THE PRICE with stopwatch-dependable service and best practices quality.

In his "Viral Professor" Courses, Tommy emphasizes not only psychographic and avatar aspects of virality, but also CRITICAL MASS and TRIGGER points for viral content that both GROW and RETAIN subscribers at a fraction of the cost of a dozen separate blog, ad, social media, webinar, podcast, website, adwords etc. investments. MEMBER and SUBSCRIBER retention is KEY if you want a relational, not just transactional business, especially if your Church or NonProfit members, your followers, or your monthly subscribers, can leave at any time!

Tommy regularly adds onboarding and continuous contact (for high use, high value learning, not just cross sales) as vital aspects of subscription / member retention. Viral Growth Funnels are of little use if more subscriber-members are heading out the back door than coming in the front!

Why pay SEPARATELY for a blog, website, niche funnels, webinars, email campaigns, hosting, video servers, podcasts, course hosts, digital download services, social media posts, affiliates, membership managers, CRM and a hundred other monthly costs that "funnel" a large investment into a few leads when SINGLE TURNKEY solutions like PODIA and niche email funnels can garner viral leads with a SMALL investment and Tommy's VIRAL ASSISTANCE?! 

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Why Tommy is Called The Viral Professor

Over 50,000 Amazon review views with over 11,000 helpful votes of over 800 reviews. Over 11 million unique visitors to over 1,600 course and cloud/ software affiliate review websites fed by more than 4,300 unique tld url funnels, both micro niche and full comparison review SEO.
 100 site design and publishing url sales funnels a week for thousands of tlds. Over $50,000 a month in Google and Bing keyword spend in more than 300 micro content niches.Viral campaign design and execution for Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest and many more. Authored, coauthored or ghosted hundreds of books, ebooks and courses and can pipeline dozens a month, including doctoral level technical content. Hundreds of cold B2B and opt in B2C email campaigns using all the major funnel programs. Ghost writing and editing hundreds of YouTube, webinar, course, streaming videos, animations, explainers, vlog reviews, music videos and live productions - webinars, podcasts, live streaming programs and series. Designing and executing hundreds of viral Pinterest and other social media memes, logo animations and gifs. Podcast, a/v, music video, and live tv — audio production, editing and distribution.Digital media strategy from collaborative design to viral execution for niche domination. 20 + million bestseller how to books for Ford, viral technical education program with 60,000 worldwide business users for GE, unbroken world record biotech, service and pharma launch alliances, successful product and viral business launches from individual bloggers to Fortune 500, president of mail order robotics distributor that grew from $11 million to half a billion topline in two years; multi media / multi channel digital agency and animation studio owner.

Portfolio Curation and Lyric Writing News

Breaking News! Beginning with VIRAL WRITING and content portfolio management skills and VIRAL portfolio funnels systems, Tommy and his team then routinely CURATE thousands of items for hundreds of membership and subscription-reliant clients. Tommy has recently been retained by Preptorial as MASTER CURATOR of its Million Video Library on AMAZON AWS and MusicBahai to write the LYRICS for a new album on AMAZON MUSIC... 

CURATION is the key to leveraging content across channels with your own PORTFOLIO Funnels. Let us help you set them up, contribute, or manage them turnkey, FREE!

Tommy freelances as writer, editor, artist, programmer and videographer for all size clients. CLICK IMAGE to visit Preptorial.

Tommy CURATES as a VA for individuals / entrepreneurs (including single bloggers) as well as companies and organizations, small and large. CLICK IMAGE to visit ShaderJoes.

As a rare combination of programmer and content writer, Tommy integrates your content for easy collaboration via AWS, Dropbox, Box, and internal and external Webinars, Podcasts and virtual meetings, sharing viral content to your funnels.

Our writing can be as technical as User Experience documentation or as poetic as song lyrics, as well as viral how to stories and docudramas,  depending on your needs, channels and goals.


(HEY! Don't you HATE sites that BURY their pricing under 50 links, make you do a "trial" first, or funnel you through endless layers, when you just wanted plan levels or item pricing? Not here! Honesty and transparency keeps friends returning! Click the link at the upper right of the menu above, or page down to the bottom of this page for our rates)...

... You'll find the Highest Quality, lowest prices, lightning fast service and a simple three step Mission: Make your digital content work as hard as you do with 1. Content Cloning 2.  Multiple use posts and 3. CONTENT MANAGEMENT for VIRAL PORTFOLIO FUNNELS that integrate your training, UI/UE, technical, BIG DATA and marketing materials with customer-facing STORIES, Posts, Articles, Emails, E-Books, Blogs, Webinars, Podcasts, Videos, Animations, Memes, Music... and much more, COORDINATED with your sites, training materials, manuals, social media, ads and LEADS for VIRAL RESULTS. These CONTINUOUS COMMUNICATIONS ARE VITAL for HIGH renewal and retention rates for Entrepreneurs and Organizations dependent on subscriptions and memberships!

Tommy regularly transforms IT documentation, training materials and / UEs and UIs into numerous CROWD-CLICKING, funnel enhancing content items THAT REGULARLY GO VIRAL. As both an IT documentation technical writer, SaaS programmer and marketing content creator, Tommy uniquely bridges that chasm and clones materials both ways, optimizing your use of resources and their ROI in funnel success and efficiency. Tommy literally wrote the book on VIRAL CAMPAIGNS and we curate and as well as

Tommy works with individual entrepreneurs (YOU CAN AFFORD THIS!), Non-Profit organizations, churches and charities as well as local, national and global businesses that are SUBSCRIPTION OR MEMBERSHIP dependent. HOW DO WE CONVERT LEADS FROM HELPFUL TECHNICAL POSTS AND WHITE PAPERS TO LOYAL, PAYING CUSTOMERS, AMBASSADORS, AVATARS and VIRAL RESULTS FOR OUR MESSAGE? Any great technical writer can help with the former, Tommy's Digital Strategy and IT background carries your PORTFOLIO funnel through to the next step! Remember: VIRAL GROWTH is the first step but VIRAL RETENTION is the goal!

EXAMPLE: Need your own PERSONAL OR COMPANY WIKI? As both writer and programmer, Tommy can  seamlessly convert your content between WIKI, blog, video, UI/UE, documentaion, meme and numerous other formats quickly and inexpensively. SIMILAR RECENT PROJECT: using the same skill sets, Tommy recently batch-converted a year's training and documentation content into Quizlet Marketing - study guides with proprietary WIKI links in articles that feed the client's funnels dozens of times more cost effectively than non organic SEO. These FREE LEARNING TOOLS spell RETENTION for your subscribers and members! Try selling a new SaaS program without a SINGLE YOUTUBE explainer video! Viral growth will suddenly become Viral losses unless your users become USER-AMBASSADORS with SUCCESS based on using your Content! Tommy has converted entire University SCORM systems into user friendly client-facing digital content, including animation of many elements that were failing the funnel gauntlet statically. THE SECRET TO VIRAL WRITING AND CAMPAIGNS IS RADICALLY HELPFUL AND UNUSUALLY CAPTIVATING and EduTaining INFORMATION (what DOES happen next?), RELEVANT TO OUR AVATARS, AND PLACED WITH FREQUENCY AND CHANNEL INTERFACES THAT DEMONSTRATE CONSISTENT QUALITY AND CURRENCY.




Content Cloning: Why reinvent the wheel when your training materials, technical  documentation, marketing materials, memes, posts,  and varied DIGITAL CONTENT can be integrated and cloned between media?


Multiple Use Posts: A simple mission statement, campaign or even a single logo or meme can be expanded into viral stories and high-value learning posts with writing expansion, animation, guest blogging, email and much more!


Portfolio Funnels: Your information funnel is key, but begins with a concept we call a PORTFOLIO FUNNEL: Leveraging what's already there with customer-facing stories, how-to articles, memes, videos... (Click the IMPOSSIBLE to see diagram above to email Tommy for a bigger copy and a FREE evaluation of your own PortFolio Funnels). NOTE: You can enlarge this image in the CONTENT GALLERY below.

Digital Strategy Reports

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Digital Strategy for Viral Entrepreneurs

How does the old SWOT strategic thinking model relate to funnels and Avatar / Persona Marketing? How do big data and IT intersect with Digital Marketing architecture, engineering, content and execution? Why is duplication of effort bad but duplication of content good? How do small or mid sized organizations (from a single blogger to a $100 million nonprofit) differ from Fortune 500 enterprise digital strategies? Do SORT, KPIs, SWOT, RACE, SMART and ASSIMPLER apply to one-person blogs? How do all these relate to the simple truth that VIRAL RESULTS always begin with VIRAL WRITING?

How can a single blogger, Shopify or Etsy store, website, or Fiverr talent make $350,000 a year without investing in ANY revenue negative or neutral tools or non-organic SEO?

HINT: Tommy's CONTENT CLONING methods are more than tactics, and go deeply into consistently focused missions and CLOSING the gap between  GREAT information and CONVERTED, loyal, relational funnel sales, turbocharged with viral sharing via avatar relevance. 



FIND OUT HOW by subscribing now! Understanding the Viral Portfolio Funnel concept alone is worth the (free) price of subscribing!   ;=)

A few recent projects -- click the expand box in the lower right corner so you don't need a magnifying glass! Hit escape or touch the x on your phone or tablet when you're done (these are a few BRIEF viral animated memes, post boosts and logos among hundreds we did this month; refresh the page if YouTube takes you to unrelated videos). For lots more, visit our Pinterest feed at the very bottom right of this site or for more detailed examples and media types and channels served, as well as Tommy's most recent portfolio of inexpensive custom animemes, music videos, LYRIC WRITING and other projects, check out Shader Joes.

Writing and converting Memes and Videos to GIFs and Cinemagraphs add thousands of FREE views to your Posts! Tommy Content's exclusive text animations supercharge both training and marketing

Beginning with a line of copy or slogan, moving to a meme, animating the meme, and posting the meme on Social Media, Pinterest, Blogs, Websites... then converting all engagements to articles and ebooks.

A single guest blog shared post can be converted to video, memes, animations, a story, and much more at very little extra cost, CLONING CONTENT and achieving thousands more engagements and leads!

Tommy Content Exclusives to turbocharge your content: Animemes.Pro 

This month's most exciting Tommy Content Project: Converting UI and UE training, software documentation and (ugh) ponderous user manual materials into fun, engaging memes, videos, gifs, animations, blog and Social Media posts, and much more. Project includes complete digital asset management with 12 months of scheduled posts and releases and a viral video we scripted and produced for under $200 and which has already gone viral. This is about VIRAL RETENTION of members and subscribers as much as viral growth funnels!


Please fill out the brief form below to subscribe to our newsletter and channels with advance tips on Digital Strategy for Entrepreneurs, Content Cloning, Portfolio Funnels, Linkicles, and much more helpful information including breaking news on the latest technologies for sharing content across platforms. How can a new $9  app do as much as a $50,000 software program? Find out today, FREE! If your're in a hurry and need same day service, just Email Tommy HERE. Tommy is an Independent American Freelance Writer, Videographer and Editor and also founded and owns Shader Joes, a complete animation and a/v studio in Prescott, Arizona, USA. All current and past clients have 24/7/365 phone and text access as well.


All writing is the lowest price, highest quality and fastest service anywhere! Proofreading and Editng are ONE DOLLAR US a page. Writing and editing are FIVE DOLLARS US a page. YES! A single page resume is $5, a 5 page blog article is $25, a 50 page Kindle Book is $250, and can make $2,500 the first week.


We create VIRAL gifs, photos, memes and posts for all media at a usual rate of $10 US. Email us if you have a special need, complex project, need viral posting or scheduling, etc. for a LOW, CUSTOM quote. We will CONTENT CLONE all graphics at no extra charge for use across your whole portfolio and all channels!


VIdeos are generally $30 a finished minute, but can be less or more depending on a wide variety of options from animation to SFX, VFX, open and closed captioning, etc. We make ALL categories of video, from stories to explainers, product, service, humor, technical, music videos (with or without lyric writing), and many more.


WE ARE EXPERTS AT VIRAL CONTENT, WHICH BEGINS WITH VIRAL WRITING (WE OWN VIRALWRITING.COM) and we've engineered successful viral campaigns from single bloggers, musicians and artists to giants like GE, IBM, GLAXO, GOOGLE, AMAZON, FORD, GENENTECH, HUMANA, and dozens more.

Check out a few recent short videos and animations from our OldiePie/ViralProfessor Channel...

Fast Rock Logo Animation for Viral Professor - OldiePie Channels

Lights, Camera, Action, HowTube Premiere Intro - Outro

HowTube on the Red Carpet Intro

Fox Animation Intro / Outro